Lotus Notes to Eudora Converter

Lotus Notes to Eudora converter will let you know how to import emails from NSF to Eudora email client. This tool maintained the complete hierarchical structure. It is most effective and efficient solution for Notes to Eudora. Here are some steps to describe the process of NSF to Eudora migration:

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How to migrate from Lotus Note Emails to Eudora

Step 1

First step is to download Lotus Notes to MBOX Converter. Then install it on your system after that run this software. Given below screenshot there are three option given first is to add file, add folder and Remove file. So now you have to choose any of the option regarding your need. in the given below screenshot

lotus notes to mbox converter screens

Step 2

Now you have got the authority to converted MBOX file into Eudora easily. Just install the Eudora quickly. Then go to the Tools tab and select the option Import.

mbox import path

Step 3

In this you have two option given either you can select "import everything" this means your data will import all the documents like messages, address book filters and setting at once without any data loss.

mbox file

Step 4

Otherwise you can select any option in which you want to import your documents. Then go to the Next Button.

Select the mail file

Step 5

Go to Eudora and Click Next button to import your files.

import Eudora mail

Step 6

At the end Browse your file and select the location to save the folder then click "OK".

View file



The IBM Lotus Notes

Lotus is properly known as IBM Notes which is email client of Lotus domino And .nsf is a file extension that is categorised as database files of IBM Notes. NSF is a leading client of messaging, e-business and collaboration. Notes refers to the notes client which is installed to the users personal computer.

IBM Notes is a brand of groupware application developed by Lotus now it is a part of IBM. Notes was one of the first application which is supported distribution database of document that could be accessed by users. It also have replication features which will replicate any document without time loss. Lotus Notes used many variety of local and collaborative server application, which include email, calendars, task, personal information managers and the Web.

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The Eudora

Eudora was developed in 1988. Eudora is a best email client for users who get lots of email. Eudora supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols. Eudora offered webmail service at Eudora added some new feature that is ultra fast search which finds any emails using single and multiple criteria at seconds.

Eudora imported existing emails, address book, personalities and accounts filters and convert them into new internal format. This is safe and secure, can convert large email items into once without any data loss. Eudora is more than a way to send and receive messages it is powerful email management tool with its features to added productivity and also enhance your communication skill that is more important.

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Conversion Challenges

There are different kinds of queries, IBM Notes users face various queries like how to import Lotus Notes email to Eudora. Lotus Notes that do not supported Eudora and also Eudora that also not to support Lotus Notes. In this conversion no any manual procedure allow but with the help of third party software you can convert Lotus Notes to Eudora. Due to this fact Direct NSF to Eudora conversion is not possible.

Few challenges are listed below-:

  • File formats of both the application are differs in nature so can't be open easily.
  • Eudora for similar length of time and with similar sorts of corruption, which is poses a significant challenges for imported tools.
  • Eudora has no export option and the import tool is IBM Notes doesn’t support Eudora.
  • Eudora is an affordable tool that is designed specifically for this type of email conversion challenges as compare to Lotus NSF.
  • Eudora is huge time saver for conversion as compare to NSF so using eudora mail and it is very cost effective.
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"I faced hard time in finding ways to Lotus Notes emails to Eudora data file until I came across NSF to MBOX conversion software. It converted large sized of NSF file to Eudora file format very easily and speedily that I did not expect at all. It was a good experience with this Lotus to MBOX conversion software as it successfully exported all the IBM files."

- joansmith,Canada

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