Lotus Notes Error Message - Entry Not Found in Index

December 7th, 2016 | Software

As we know, IBM Lotus Notes is the most popular email client, which provide services like e-mailing, scheduling, and calendaring. It also provide facility to store contacts in address book, messages in database, access to the web server, do programming etc. Other than the services and facilities, it also provide various features that support integrated messaging, business applications and social collaboration. It generates the files in its native file format i.e., NSF files that stores the user mailbox data. The NSF files contain all the Notes mailboxes data items like emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, journals, etc. Sometimes, when users attempt to access the data, it generates an error with message indicating that the “entry not found in index”. This hampers the user’s task of retrieving important data. In the following sections, we will discuss Lotus Notes error message: ‘entry not found in index’ and the resolution to this issue.

What is 'Entry Not Found in Index’ Error?

A major issue has been reported, which states that when users try to open any document in Lotus Notes application, then an error message “Entry not found in index″ is generated.

While working with Lotus Notes documents, design, mails or views, the error can also be displayed in several other ways such as:

  • “Entry not found in index...″
  • “Entry not found in index or view's index is not built″

Causes of Lotus Notes error “Entry not found in index″

The commonly faced Lotus Notes index missing error can arise due to several issues, which may be related to the internal configuration files or general file. Some of the major issues include:

  • Lookup Formula Issue:

    It may be possible that the entered lookup formula is incorrect or inappropriate. In such cases, Lotus Notes becomes unable to look for the required document and generates an error. Moreover, it may also take place due to blank or null key value.

    Steps to Resolve Lookup Issue

  • First, try to refresh Notes View by using F9 key.
  • If that does not resolve the error, then try to upgrade the view by using Shift+F9.
  • If the error continues to happen, then it may be possible that a lookup formula within the document is causing the problem.
  • File corruption:

Another reason might be that the NSF file contains corrupted data. This file is located in the Notes\Data directory, which includes your contacts, connections, locations, and Personal Address Book information. The user can ask from administrator to recover and create new data from the corrupted file.

Repairing the Log.nsf Files

If the database is corrupted or can get corrupted, user can prevent their database from corruption using manual way to repair NSF files. IBM offers Fixup tool that can resolve the issue of corruption from NSF files.

Steps to repair corrupted files

The files can be repaired and recovered by compressing the database in the following manner:

  1. First, compress the Notes workspace so that it will be better to understand the data.
  2. Choose the Notes mails from provided database.
  3. After that, click the right mouse button to view the database.
  4. Go to the application and then choose Properties option.
  5. Now, Press the “i” tab.
  6. And finally choose compact option to compress the selected database.


In this post, we have covered Lotus Notes error message 'entry not found in index'. The possible causes and the relevant solutions to overcome such errors have been also discussed. However, the users can also choose to migrate into MBOX format for better experience of multiple email clients. An automated tool, Lotus Notes to Opera Mail Converter could be used for easy migration of data from NSF file to Opera Mail.