Error 4005 Access to Data Denied or Cannot Create File in Lotus Notes

November 28th, 2016 | Software

In this article, you will come to know that how you can fix Error 4005 which also described as ‘Access to data denied‘ or ‘Cannot create file‘ in IBM Lotus Notes. As you might know that utilizing a Lotus Notes customer on a Macintosh OS, the accompanying mistake happens while executing the LotusScript ExtractFile strategy. So, lets proceed to learn in more described way for removing ‘Access to data denied error‘:

Access to Data Denied

This process generally occur when user wants to open an email or try to create a Memo.

Causes of Error 4005

  • Very less space available in your system
  • Virus infected email
  • Running Backdated Operating System
  • Signature preference might set to “HTML“ or image file
  • Lack of Administrative permission

Few space available in PC HDD

The one cause of this error could be less storage space available in you PC. As shown in below image, you can observe that by going through the properties of the HDD partition which is targeting as the default storage location of Lotus Notes user data.

Virus Infected Incoming Messages

The another cause of occurrence of this error 4005 ‘Access to data denied‘ could be some viruses or malwares might be attached in email attachment. In this case, the installed anti virus program might not let you open or read this kind of emails.

Running Outdated Operating system

Another reason for the error could be an Outdated Operating System. In this case the file format of Email might not be supportable, or we can say this compatibility issues between Application Software and the Operating System.

Signature preference

Email signature type could also lead to the Error 4005 ‘Access to data denied‘. This type of Error occurs, cause of signature preference which might set as Images and HTML.

Lack of Administrative Permission

Generally, Error 4005 ‘Cannot Create File‘, occurs cause of lack of user account permissions. If user faces any type of issue as described then he/she should contact to the computer Administrator for assigning the required permissions.

Solution of the Problem

  • First you have to check the available free space in your system. If you find the very less available space then attach another HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to your computer and change the Lotus Notes default user data storage location to newly installed HDD. If you find enough available space in your computer then proceed for the second solution.
  • You have to check the permission of assigned document which you are using. If it denies to open email or create new memo then at the end contact the computer administrator for assigning the required permission.
  • Scan or Check the Virus affected surface. Try to scan using Antivirus.
  • Check the compatibility of the installed Operating System with Lotus Notes Application.
  • Correct the Signature as simple text, if it shows as images or HTML format.

If still you are facing the problem, then delete the temp data from this location: C:\Users\x.x\AppData\Local\Temp


In this article, we had a discussion about the various causes of occurrence of Lotus Notes Error 4005 ‘Access to Data Denied‘ or ‘Cannot Create File or Memo‘. Other then the causes, we have also had a discussion about various techniques to fix Error 4005. I hope that after going through all the possible solutions, you would be able to get off from this problem.