Adjudicate The Detected Corruption In Database Log: Lotus Notes Error

November 15th, 2016 | Software

Lotus Notes has a very important file called Log file which contains the detailed information regarding Domino system. The log file of Lotus Notes includes detailed information regarding database size & it’s usage, records of all activity performed on database, etc. whenever the user uses Lotus Notes first time it will automatically created in Domino Server. It uses the extension .nsf and can be written as LOG.NSF file which placed on the Domino Server.

There is one log file for each Lotus Notes Domino Server that keeps the record about all the major activities occur on the system.

LOG. NSF File Corruption

The corruption in NSF files causes inaccessibility of data, Corruption is often occurs in database files due to its large size and complicated structure. Even performing regular checks and maintenance, users encounter corruption frequently while using the NSF database file of IBM Notes (formerly known as Lotus notes) which are very prone to corruption like any other database or computer files.

The corruption in database log file occurs due to following reasons:

  • If the NSF file present in consistent state running on Domino server and someone has perform some operations on the .nsf file but if not all of those operations a properly executed to disk will leave the NSF in an inconsistent state.
  • When Domino Server get crashed in frequent manner that will lead corruption in NSF database.
  • If the external third party tools, add-in, product improperly interacts with Domino databases may cause corruption.
  • Whenever there is improper access or manipulation on database, this may also leads the corruption issue in Lotus Notes database files.
  • If system is running out of memory, it may causes corruption due to resource limitation.
  • Other issues such as hardware failure, software failure, power failure also causes corruption in log files.

How To Prevent Corruption In Log Files

To get rid of corruption issue in Lotus Notes Log Files, one can go Transaction logging. Domino Server supports transaction Logging and recovery. Transaction Logging captures or stores changes made on database. Whenever the corruption issue occurs in Lotus Notes or data get inaccessible in that case with the help of Transaction Log utility, one can recover from issue.

The Transaction Log file has sequential records of all operations that are performed on the data. if the database get corrupted, in that case user can easily recover their data by “roll back” the database to a point before it was corrupted.

How to Set up Transaction Logging In Lotus Notes

  • Firstly, ensure that all databases to be logged must reside in the Domino data directory
  • Click the Configuration tab, present in Domino Administrator
  • In the Use Directory on field, select the server's Domino Directory.
  • Click on Server Configuration
  • Click on Current Server Document
  • Click the Transnational Logging tab.
  • Complete these fields, and save the document.

Repairing the Log.nsf Files

If the database is corrupted or can get corrupted, user can prevent their database from corruption using manual way to repair NSF files. IBM offers Fixup tool that can resolve the issue of corruption from NSF files.

  • Go to the Domino Administrator and select the Server that stores the database on which user want to run Fixup on.
  • Now click the Files tab.
  • Select the databases on which you want to run Fixup.
  • Go to the Tools panel, select Database > Fixup.
  • Click OK.

Benefits Of Transaction Logging

  • Performance enhancement of the Domino server.
  • It offers better data integrity in Domino server database.
  • Maintains consistency within Domino server database.
  • Prevention of database corruption by recording transactions that are done to Lotus Notes database.
  • It offers efficient way of data recovery when the server get crashed
  • It provides ‘roll back' option to restore corrupted NSF files

Alternative Solution

There are many third party commercial tools that have been used for backup the Lotus Notes database there is one tool namely Lotus Notes to Apple Mail Converter that can generate backup of unlimited size of database in MBOX file format and also preserve the folder hierarchy & meta properties of data after conversion.