Lotus Notes to MBOX Converter : Migrate Numerous NSF Files to MBOX

Lotus notes to mbox

NSF to MBOX Converter With Domino Server - Tried and Tested by Thousands of Users

  • Bulk conversion of NSF emails from Lotus Notes to MBOX File Format.
  • Convert unlimited size of Lotus Notes database to MBOX Format.
  • Software is so much facilitate that it preserves Folder Hierarchy after conversion.
  • Provide Search Feature within folder of NSF database.
  • Perform accurate conversion of all Email Clients which is supported by MBOX file format etc.
  • Retain Meta Properties of Emails after Lotus Notes to MBOX conversion.
  • Software provide the options to save Doc Links and Internet Header.
  • Supported by Lotus Notes 9.0 and its below Versions.
  • User allows to set One SMTP format for all Canonical Email
  • Provide the facility for users to Supports Export NSF Domino Server mailboxes to MBOX files
  • Permits users to remove Email Encryption from Lotus Notes emails and migrate NSF file to PST

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Lotus Notes to MBOX Features - Convert NSF to MBOX

nsf to mbox

Migrate NSF to MBOX

The software completely converts all the NSF format database of the Lotus Notes interface into the MBOX file format. Tool converts all mailboxes of nsf file (inbox, outbox, sent items, drafts, any user defined folder).

retain meta properties

Meta Data Retention

The software retains metadata of the NSF files successfully such as Cc, To, From, Subject Attachments. HTML as well as RTF formatting are also retained. Product assures that no changes are made to the original content of files..

maintain folder structure

Export Domino Mailbox to MBOX

Software Provides in-built login feature to Export Lotus Notes Domino Server Mailbox to MBOX by providing Domino Server IP Address & Password. This will helps with enable to migrate Domino server into MBOX file.

multiple nsf files

Remove of Email level Encryption

In many cases, there are quite possible that NSF emails has been encrypted for the basis of security concern. It provide the features to select “Remove Encryption″ from emails and migrate the mails to MBOX file format.

maintain folder structure

Folder to Folder Mapping

This Utility provide users to map folder of NSF database with MBOX. You can easily map Notes file with inbox in newfile.mbox. This features allows users to easily map folders into original folder in .mbox format.

multiple nsf files

Multiple Email Address Translation

Using this feature, software allows to automatically detect & CN Names can be easily replace to senders email into SMTP email address according to user specified Domain Name. This may help users to translate multiple canonical name with email Address Book using CSV file option.

maintain folder structure

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The Software maintains the integrity of the folders and sub-folders. Overall structure of folders preserved in destination location of will remain unchanged after exporting NSF files to MBOX format.

multiple nsf files

Import Multiple NSF Files

The Lotus Notes to MBOX converter not only allows you to convert single files, but multiple files at a time. The advantage of having this feature is quick and easy conversion of NSF files to MBOX Format.

maintain folder structure

Apply Email Filter during conversion

You can apply various filter during conversion from specified date range. Latest release now filter to specified all emails within the date range will be selected by the software. However, all emails that proceed and succeed the specified date range will be excluded.

multiple nsf files

Maintain HTML formatting

This Software allows to keep the HTML formatting the mail messages as well as the original file. The tool does not change to the HTML formatting of emails or documents while/ after performing the data intact.

summary repprt

Displays Conversion Summary

Product displays a shortsummary of overall conversion of NSF file that includes: Name of the current folder, no of folders being converted, email count and name of migrated files.

lotus notes supported version

Supported Versions

The Lotus Notes to MBOX Converter supports Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5 & 5.0 as well as Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 alike.

A Brief About Lotus Notes & MBOX

Lotus Notes is an email client and has been widely used by the clients at the organizational level. But due to certain complexities in its functionality, users want to migrate to some other email clients. The other reason for opting a new email client is the cost related to Lotus Notes is higher than the other of its kind. The file format supported by Lotus Notes is NSF and the users who want to migrate their NSF database to other email clients, generally prefer to convert into MBOX format. Here the need of Lotus Notes to MBOX software arises which is one of the highly demanded software application by Lotus Notes users who needs to convert their NSF format database into the mbox format file. Conversion is recommended in order to gain the accessibility of NSF file in renowned email clients like .

Common Factors to Do Migration from Lotus Notes:

The reason behind converting Lotus Notes emails to MBOX format is that it is a standard format for most of the email clients. The email client that supports the MBOX format are All these email clients are available for free whereas you need to pay for Lotus Notes.

Common Hiccups of Migration User:

  • Does the security of my NSF database is maintained during and after conversion?
  • How long will it take to migrate Lotus Notes emails to MBOX format?
  • How the structure of data folders will be managed after the conversion?
  • Do I need to have Lotus Notes Installation for MBOX conversion?
  • Is there any size limitation for conversion?
  • Can I process multiple files at a time?

Best Solution for NSF to MBOX Conversion:

There is one solution for all these problems, i.e. Lotus Notes TO MBOX Converter. You can try out this application for effective conversion. With this application, the integrity and security of NSF database is always maintained. The migration will be quick and easy as NSF to MBOX converter is capable to process multiple files at a time.There is no need to install Lotus Notes and file of any size can be processed.

Some Common FAQs

Can software perform conversion on multiple files?
Yes, the software is capable to convert multiple NSF files to MBOX format. Using this batch of NSF files can be converted into MBOX.
How the conversion of NSF files are managed?
The software creates a single MBOX file for individual NSF file and MBOX files are created filename.mbox (*.mbox).
How can I use NSF to MBOX converter on MAC platform for Entourage Mail ?
It is a windows a based software and can not be installed on a MAC platform but lotus notes emails can be exported into entourage mail client. Just convert all NSF files to MBOX format and carry all converted MBOX files on MAC platform. Here open and import mbox files with entourage mail clients.
Is that converted MBOX file compatible with all the Mbox supported email clients?
Yes, software converts NSF file to MBOX format that is supported by most of the email clients like

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